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The rich built the house of mirrors and fund the shows within the circus, while the poor become the paying patrons whose twisted shapes reflect inside.Door het bezoek en gebruik van deze site geeft u toestemming voor het plaatsen van cookies door Microsoft en haar partners.We should try to answer this simple question, how rich get richer.The very persistence with which the system functions to apprehend and punish poor crooks and ignore or slap on the wrist the equally or more dangerous individuals is testimony to the sticking power of this deception.

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Reiman uses this mirror metaphor to reflect possible counter arguments to his thesis, claiming the mirror is much like the excuses to not accept his propositions.

Hillary Clinton, under pressure to do or say something about income inequality.By and large, this has been the way in which the US has dealt with their poor.The Rich Get Richer: Studying Scholarly Impact in the Emerging Field of Information Visualization Weimao Ke School of Information and Library Science.Additionally, while they believe illegal drugs should be completely decriminalized and focus on Marxism and e.Wealth: nearly everyone wants it, but few people actually know what they need to do in order to get it.The very persistence with which the system functions to apprehend and.

The rich are getting richer as the median household income in this country not only fails to rise, but has stagnated.

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If you are at all interested in this because it affects our society then I highly encourage you to read this book.

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Reiman cites the case of a Kentucky coal mining company that allowed ten of its workers to operate under less than safe conditions, violating federal safety regulations in the The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: A Reader (2-downloads) (9780205661794): Jeffrey Reiman, Paul Leighton: Books.Bet squeaky clean Gary Barlow, just after being honoured by his pal Her Majesty for organising her little concert the other week, is shitting bricks now seeing how.

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Forbes on Monday released its annual list of the 400 richest people in America, and for the 21st straight year Microsoft co.The thing I really like about this book is that all of the explanations are very clear, and the authors use plenty of examples that were interesting enough to keep me reading.The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Prison: A Reader is a selection of 25 articles ranging from newspaper stories that highlight issues to articles in professional.

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His reasoning seems to be that at least in prison, survival is no longer dependent upon finding a job and a meal.In other words, Reiman is almost stating that one ought not blame the criminal for his dangerous acts, but blame the system for creating generalizations, for creating the stereotypes everyone believes.

It apparently has something to do with the mind, something to do with making a decision, to sieve through concepts, to discriminate between ideas, to distinguish or set something apart from something else.There is a saying in life that the rich get richer, and it could be said in swimming the fast get faster.It is as the last meaning of the term that Reiman claims the rich want to use to exclude themselves from guilt and punishment for their own offenses, their own dangerous acts against the poor.The criminal justice system tends to focus on some dangerous acts and not others.If a crime is an act plus intent to commit a crime, then by definition the wealthy coal mining company owners were definitely guilty.

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The higher the price of the drug, the higher is the incentive to commit crimes in order to support that habit.Wealthy Americans have seen major growth when it comes to educational attainment, but the poorest Americans still.It is a serious offense, especially one in violation of a moral code.One last thing that I will point out is that he mentions that society (meaning those who are in power and shape these notions)labels only certain things as crimes even though two different acts are both done knowingly and cause the same outcome: death.

Not just because the rich are still getting richer but I have a feeling Google is.Though some of these statistics are outdated, Reiman makes the point that if guns were less readily available, violent criminals would not simply switch to other weapons to commit the same number of crimes and do the same amount of damage.That Americans continue to tolerate the comparatively gentle treatment meted out to white collared criminals, corporate price fixers, industrial polluters, and political influence peddlers while voting in droves to lock up more poor people faster and longer indicates the degree to which they harbor illusions as to who most threatens them.

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In other words, legislators have made the laws that the police and prosecutors have enforced, which juries and judges have adjudicated and judges have sentenced.

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Why The Rich Get Richer Date: April 3, 2007 Source: University of California - Davis Summary: A new theory shows how wealth, in different forms, can stick.A newcomer to the United States, after reading the newspaper or watching television for a few days, might conclude that every family in America was huddled around.Noted Harvard economist Gregory Mankiw gave the conventional answer last week: They earn every penny.

However, they never address the current legal responsibility of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.Notably, it also highlights that a corrosive defect in the economy -- inequality -- is getting worse.What Reiman points out is that corporate crime, unsafe work conditions and en.Due to this deliberate shape of the language, the poor pay for their crimes, while the rich get a pass.This quote best explains Reiman's basic argument that law is both...In trying to elaborate on his Pyrrhic Defeat Theory, Reiman shows that human decisions have been responsible for the shape of Crime among the poor in America and why human decisions of the rich continue to fail to fix it.

If poverty were the only obstacle facing the poor, things may not be as bad for them, but throw drugs into the mix, and conditions get much worse.Though the wealthy separate themselves from the poor by disassociating themselves from any direct or indirect link to the poor, they basically move the.

Once the wealth gaps become very large, it is easier to get through the day if you see them as less able, less special.

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I had to read this book for one of my criminal justice classes and I have never forgotten it.